Book Chapters
Rød Snø
Metallurgic Lethargic, Lead Tastes Sweet
Material as Methodology
Thinking Matter: Representational Breakdown at The World in Which We Occur

Who Wants to Live Forever?
The boy stroked, an eel between the struggle
Another Kind of We
An economy of fluids

Art and Education
Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art: A Berlin Intensive at the Juncture of Theory, Praxis, and Art
Reassembling Art Pedagogy: Pragmatism, Inquiry, and Climate Change at SciencesPo Experimentation in Arts and Politics (SPEAP)
CCC, TRANS, and WORK.Master at Geneva’s HEAD: Intergenerational MFAs of Non-Formatted Curricula

Focus on Artists
Nature as Device
Pneus and Gunk
I am a Hologram
Who is Darius Mikšys?
Tania Pérez Córdova, Things Above the Ground, Things Below The Ground
Jean-Marie Appriou, On the eve of future renaissance

Articles and Guest Editions
A theoretical study and practical manual towards an effleurage of rare earth data stones
Body Sketches for a Universal Stage
Dolce far Niente