Book Chapters
Rød Snø
Metallurgic Lethargic, Lead Tastes Sweet
Material as Methodology
Thinking Matter: Representational Breakdown at The World in Which We Occur

The boy stroked, an eel between the struggle
Another Kind of We
An economy of fluids

Art and Education
Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art: A Berlin Intensive at the Juncture of Theory, Praxis, and Art
Reassembling Art Pedagogy: Pragmatism, Inquiry, and Climate Change at SciencesPo Experimentation in Arts and Politics (SPEAP)
CCC, TRANS, and WORK.Master at Geneva’s HEAD: Intergenerational MFAs of Non-Formatted Curricula

Focus on Artists
Pneus and Gunk
I am a Hologram
Who is Darius Mikšys?
Tania Pérez Córdova, Things Above the Ground, Things Below The Ground
Jean-Marie Appriou, On the eve of future renaissance

Articles and Guest Editions
A theoretical study and practical manual towards an effleurage of rare earth data stones
Body Sketches for a Universal Stage
Dolce far Niente